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Custom Spools & Adaptors

GDS Inc. custom spools are designed to eliminate process fittings and reduce dead leg entrapment areas. Our fabrication method includes the use of precision equipment and proven welding and polishing techniques to produce precision, high quality assemblies.
Custom Spools Specialists 2 GDS

Custom Spools Capabilities

Typical Applications

  • Pharmaceutical Interconnects
  • USP, WFI Loops and Systems
  • Pure Steam Generator Up-GRADE
  • Temporary Bypass Lines
  • Complex, Zero Dead Leg Configurations
  • Pump Changeovers
  • Product Selection Lines
  • In-Line Testing and Sampling Ports
  • Expansion of Point of Use Drops
  • Up-Grade Loop System, Add Point Of use Drops

Custom Adaptors

Metric to Inch adaptors, Tri Clamp, Compression type fittings, NPT adaptors to any fitting. 1/4″ thru 4″ sizes. (6 mm hru 100 mm)

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